• During this training, you learn to effectively use the various elements of Interior Design like furniture, lighting, space management, etc. After completing one of the Interior Design Courses, you can even polish your specific skill by selecting only that particular course for your specialization, for example, retail interior designer. . .
  • Getting good certification for any of the Interior Design Courses will open up a big world of opportunities for you. You can join an existing firm in the market to get practical experience or if you have faith in your skills, you can even start your own firm. So you have the freedom to work with someone or be your own boss.
  • We take care of each student independently and guide them personally as per their requirements.
  • We have industry relevant course curriculum to train students with all the necessary knowledge & skills required in the working industry.
  • PID has strong connections in the market that help in placing the students and also have the best faculty and industry experts who conduct regular interactive workshops.

Career Paths

  • Commercial interior designer.
  • Residential interior designer.
  • Institutional interior designer.
  • Exhibition designer furniture designer .
  • Design consultant .
  • Cad designer .
  • Freelancer designer.
  • Furniture Designer.
  • Visual Display Designer.